About Josh A

    Emerging from the Florida music sphere, Josh A (born 1996) began producing, rapping and singing in 2015. What started as a creative outlet to cope with the harsh realities of the world, his music quickly garnered a following of people facing the same issues he discusses: isolation, depression, heartbreak, and longing for light amidst the darkness. So far, Josh A has brought in over 1,000,000,000 streams on Spotify alone completely independent with no label involvement. In the age of the internet, Josh A’s never-ending construction of new music has been key to his success.

    Side Projects

    In addition to his main career, Josh A also releases music under the alter-ego Lil Revive. This isn’t a typical “Lil” rapper alias one would come to expect in this day and age, Josh has created an entire world around this character. Set in the fictional purgatory world of Grim Peaks, Lil Revive is an aspiring rapper who was hit by a car while waiting outside of one of Josh A’s live shows to ask him advice on how to make it in the industry. Having not lived a full life, he was sent to purgatory where he must now work for the Grim Reaper who is the mayor of Grim Peaks. He’s tasked with collecting 1,000 souls and if he doesn’t do so by Halloween, he will be banished to Hell. “Initially I made this storyline in high school in hopes it would turn into a graphic novel,” Josh explains, “but I ended up realizing it would be pretty crazy to make a whole fictional world and release music as a character in that world. Basically a horror-inspired rap version of the Gorillaz.”

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